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Subject: ritual and love
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emaya 31.03.08 - 05:10pm
people go around and practise Satanism.i see that alot,but i wonder,is there a deeper meaning to Satanic Bible,because i feel like some series of books that encase the basic empowerment of Satan.the rituals the death.the extreme and nonfanatical reality.oh how the mind is invaded. *

ghoul19 11.04.08 - 09:22am
and that has got to do what with the subjec(ritual and love)? i prefer not to read or shall i say, i prefer not to follow the Satanic Bible by Lavey since i am not a Levayen. I prefer to read the Al Jilwah - Black Book of Satan, visit for more on Spiritual Satanism, otherwise you can download pdf files(needs adobe or a pdf file viewer to read files)from - you will need to create an account there but it is free to sign up, then browse their satanic library there. They have plenty of pdf files to download on the occult.

Hail Satan
Hail Beelzebub
Hail Azazel
Hail Astaroth
Hail All demons in Hell


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