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Subject: perfection?
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shay_d_a 3.11.07 - 05:52pm
i have been wiccan for 7 years searchin for perfection and joy yet hav never seemed to advance spiritually. sum1 told me about his path to satanism and i am intrigued. wanna kno mor. *

sserpent 13.11.07 - 11:13am
go to as many satanic sites as possible hon. my fave is joy of satan ministries or jst type in 'kids and teens for satan' for spiritual advancement. it's worked 4 me. *

shay_d_a 14.11.07 - 02:17pm
thanks serpent! i hav already visited joyofsatan. as well as salem burkes personal site. i speak to cavin(the creator of cos here on pro) regularly but am searching 4 sum1 in my area to guide me *

shay_d_a 15.11.07 - 06:02pm
big thanks 2 all who helped me! i found someone =) i also joined the teen group on joyofsatan as well. if yr on yahoo add it! *

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