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Subject: Satanism
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x0goth0x 19.10.07 - 05:54am
What is it all about really?i mean who do u do as a satan worshiper? *

goth2les 21.10.07 - 06:40am
all you need do is indulge your own wants and needs. manipulate people to do what you want. You are God. *

ceramica 16.11.07 - 12:18am
Satanism is a form of freedom my friend *

ganon 23.12.07 - 08:38am
We do not worship any external being known as SATAN. We bow down to no one! *

serfie 29.12.07 - 02:00pm
May I ask then why i it called the church of satan then *

serfie 29.12.07 - 04:49pm
if you dont even bow down to satan then, Enliten me please (or in your case endarken me hehe) *

ghoul19 16.01.08 - 07:51am
i am a SATANIST but i dnt worship satan, i acknowledge him, to be of is not to worship but to be of is to be acknowledged *

emaya 13.03.08 - 08:03pm
Bow To Satan,but Dont Tell Alot Of People About It. *

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