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Subject: vampirism
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songflo 5.10.07 - 10:48pm
whts psychic vampirism? is it different frm vampirism? wht is vampirism? wht do those who practice it actually do? *

x0goth0x 27.10.07 - 02:13am
We feed on blood... *

ceramica 16.11.07 - 12:15am
Psychic vampirism and normal vampirism dnt reali hav a dif. Bt then again its got alot 2 do wif ur subconcience as well. Dnt b sure tho. At da end of da day we only do 1 fing, s*ck blood in either way *

rmtcgoth 2.02.08 - 03:32pm
Vampirism is like drugs allmost for every1 who starts to do that...after first time you were drinking blood you can't stop doing this...(and you don't even want to stop)... *

ghoul19 19.02.08 - 09:44am
there was an issue or case shall i say where were some american victims who thought they were vampires cos of the dire need to feed off blood were actually tricked into believing so that they were but in the meanwhile, they put drugs into the meet that they gave you(the coven they were in) and this made them addicted to the blood, american vicitms packed their frudges with meat but the more blood they fed on, didnt help them at all...they were addicted to the blood drug and not the watched out for scams like these. to me, psychic vampirism only exist... *

hobit666 29.02.08 - 03:29am
physic vampirism is not tru vamperism physic vamperism is the tapping nd depletion of the postive energy of othas. find da 9 satanic sins at 2 read more. *

hele6116 27.07.08 - 07:38am
Vampires dont exist nor do werewolves thinking this way means you have something wrong with you. Drinking blood comes from xian teachings. psychic vampirism is just a mage using black magick to s*ck the enemies life energy. My knowledge comes from a close friend and gaurdian enlil. ~dbeb *

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